Be-Happy, Go-Lucky



In our lives, we come across few individuals who are carefree, unconcerned, blissful, smiling and just plain happy. Most of us enjoy the company of such people as they lift our spirits and lighten the mood. If we try to understand the cause of their happiness, most of the time it is nothing extraordinary – no genies, no great luck, no fortune or any out of the world relationships. They are just happy with their lives and the way things are, that is all.

For some of them we come across, life may be full of difficulties and challenges, like for blind people and underprivileged children. But some of them have an indomitable spirit. We feel humbled in the presence of such people. We think to ourselves, look at all that we have got and look at this guy here … and yet he is so happy and cheerful. Luck is not on his side, but somehow he is cheerful.

Such bliss is also common amongst children and youth. We feel it in their presence. But as we grow, our happiness is conditioned by a multitude of things – our desires and goals, the Government, the stock market, our friends and relationships, our popularity, our ego, the social circles, the parties and what not. So it goes without saying, we are not going to be lucky all the time. And if our happiness is linked to this luck, as it is for most of us, we may not go happy all the time.

The world has its own ways of bringing sorrow and hardships, but then it is a part and parcel of life. It is understood that one may be melancholy and disturbed during such times. But life is not always so, there are times when things are falling in place. The market sentiments are good, the Government is effective, your friends are better, your relations are helpful and supportive and your social life is beckoning you.  And in these better times if one is crying over the past, stuck with ones’ old feelings, and still reacting instinctively to situations looking for new fortunes, then one may end up missing this boat of luck too. Many of us are busy running behind a boat we are not sure we can climb, and unsure of where it is headed, and by the time we realize it, the other boat of luck that was waiting at our doorstep is also out of sight.

So are you running behind some new luck or fortune and going unhappy in life, or are you going on happy with your life and also getting lucky on the way? Think of it. Have a nice day!