Sankalp Shakti: The hidden side of progress and growth

Evolution inside out

It is time to dispel the ignorance in our minds of being living beings with forms that are just surviving and adapting to the environment. It is time to realise the relevance of the innate abilities bestowed upon us since time immemorial to take upon the resolve for reaching higher abilities and states of being. The limiting view and beliefs held since centuries of ‘survival of the fittest’ renders us as reactive or weak beings in terms of our anatomy and our possibilities. By giving relevance only to the external factors moulding us or our forms, through the world-view that science has offered us so far, the significance of our innate abilities and potencies to evolve through resolve or beneficial intent has been downplayed. While the resolve to become stronger or wiser and the intent to create a civilised society has fructified, still believing that evolution is only an external factor infuencing us or adapting us to survive, disregards the role of conscious effort in shaping our form and our reality. 

Our resolve, the intent behind it and the conscious energies that we put in, are the key driving factors for evolution as much as the role played by the external environment. Understanding and realising the importance and impact that our conscious energies, led by our intent and resolve, have in shaping our lives and society is of paramount importance. The weightage given to the external realities and circumstances both man-made and natural in our lives, renders us as rective beings who are at the mercy of the environment, and now in todays age, at the mercy of the many flawed or ineffective structures and systems that we have subject ourselves to. 

It is time to look within and remember our forgotten powers and awaken the light within, that can shine and show us our true form as beings capable of fulfilling our potential of seeking and reaching higher possibilities and states of existence. And through our resolve jump over the ocean of ignorance that lends us as weak, immoral, reactive and helpless beings incapable of moulding ourselves to wonderful forms of existence filled with peace, love, wellbeing and divine grace for all.