The Illusion of the Lokas (Realms)

The description of Lokas or Realms in various scriptures and texts has caught the fascination and imagination of Man over the ages. Be it the descriptions of the abodes of spiritual beings or the description of our world or the worlds which are described to follow our life post this world has found narration in our lives, in our stories and our works of fiction. Right from being rare, most sought after or aspired to the most feared or dreaded, the various Lokas that are known to us or we have heard of since our childhood or in various videos and reads have been an enigma for all. So what are these Lokas and what do we make of it. Are these imaginary narrations created by Man and should the same be considered as illusory. 

To decipher the same, one first needs to understand the nature of the manifestation, the mind and the maya (illusion). The manifestation is considered as material (made of matter and having form). Depending on how near, how far, how large, how small, how dark, how bright and so on, the human eye is able to perceive the matter or its form basis which we are able to identify and associate or make sense of the material manifestation. The material objects and the material forms which are made up of matter interact and the forms through its senses can perceive other forms and the material objects. The interaction occurs between the forms and the material objects which are as manifested or derived from the manifested matter, through which forms find value for its sustenance. 

The Mind is responsible for the perception and interpretation in the manifested forms and objects. Beyond the sustenance of the form, the mind also breeds the desires which drives the form to derive and alter the objects and other forms to fulfill the desires. While the form believes in the mind and is driven by it, the mind is full of limitations and illusions. But being associated with the form and its constant companion, the form never accepts this reality and continues with its ways unless it feels the need to seek and inquire beyond what the mind and form can do or know. 

The interplays of the manifested forms, the manifested objects in the universe and the mind along with the Maya (illusion) that this is “I” or me, the “Ahm” or ego and its various derivatives or emotions are born. When the Manifestation, the Mind and the Maya thus  come together, the resulting realities are the Lokas. 

So depending on the form, its perception capabilities or senses, the interpretation by the mind and the illusions or maya, the different Lokas are in existence. The human form, our five senses, our world and the objects therein, our brain and its perception of the world, the resulting ego and the association with “I” or “We” arising from the Maya or the illusions and the ensuing interpretations of ourselves, our lives and its interplay with other forms and objects of the world, is what forms our Loka which is also referenced as “Martyaloka” or “Prithviloka”. We derive various things from the material manifestation in our Loka which are available to us or the energies that we can harness and we further build our Loka and our lives around it. By further making meaning out of the same through science and harnessing it as technology, we are able to further enhance what is available in our Loka and become beneficiaries of it. The material manifestation, the mind and the maya are dynamic in nature and can alter the realities of our Loka. If our mind is imbalanced or disturbed then it can alter our interpretation of the reality or further feed the illusions of the “I” and the resulting delusions of the “Ahm”. If the manifestation or the objects or energies therein are used well or abused, then it can alter our reality for the better or worse, and so on. Thus it is important that the sustenance of the material world, the manifested form or body, the balance of the mind and the understanding of its nature and nature of the maya or illusions are all taken into consideration in the Loka. 

The coming together of the manifestation, the mind and the maya and its dissolution into the formless or unmanifest state that is without the limitations or the shortcomings of the materialised forms, has been taking place since time immemorial in the infinite space. The three coming together resulting in various Lokas can coexist in same points or at different points in space and time, each becoming manifest and unmanifest for varying durations. Similarly, the alterations in the three can change a Loka and its reality altogether. Making it important for all to realise the nature of the three and work towards uplifting the standards of the Loka thereby bringing more convenience, balance, peace and tranquility in the Loka. The popular beliefs about the pleasures, comforts, powers, lifespans, etc. that are associated with other Lokas drive people and so are individual efforts directed in attaining these in our Loka. Through various paths and means these are said to be accessible or possible. Instead of just expecting through ones efforts or penance the alteration of the three would enable one to reach or exist in another Loka or change ones reality in current Loka by tinkering with our form / body, the mind and the world; it is essential to first realise the Self and gain the wisdom necessary to understand the Self. By realising the Self and trying to comprehend the Supreme, one is able to gain the wisdom required to rise above the manifestation, mind and maya. Those who are able to do so or find themselves in such a state of being, are able to see beyond the pleasures and pains of not just the current Loka but the potential ones where one could desire to be. Or instead choose to establish oneself in the Self or the Supreme where Lokas become leelas or pasttimes and forms are manifested to guide or show the way for all suffering or seeking to rise above the Lokas.