Bestest: The Journey continues #13

Sid was confident that with the new insights into the wise old man’s book that he had learnt through Tej, he had what was needed to crack the competitive exam. But he was curious to know more, how to be the creme-de-la-creme like Tej and wanted to up the ante as he prepared for this exams. He requests Tej to narrate what happened further.

Tej continues … he continued to follow the advice of the wise old man for few months, till his confidence and preparation had reached a new level. Now he felt the time was right to get into the top gear. That day he opened the book again and continued to read. The next page read … ENTER THE REALM OF THE MASTERS WITH THIS MYSTIC START. IN THEIR HEART THEY MEDITATE ON THEIR ART. TILL THEIR PREPARATION AND WORK CAN CONTINUE IN THEIR MIND WITH OR WITHOUT ANY SCRIPTURES, GUIDE OR CHART. THEIR WORK AND WORSHIP CAN’T BE SEEN APART.

After reading this Tej struggled many weeks to prepare with his textbooks and study material, and then continue mental preparation without anything before him. After successive failures, Tej was gradually able to get some inroads on mental math and work out simpler problems in his mind. With time and effort, he was able to extend this mental practice to other areas and subjects. Like the wise old man said, the mastery over this art put him in the realm of the masters as there was no restriction of time, place or matter for him to prepare. The writing was on the wall, Tej was soon to break the ranks and get to the University of his choice.