Flow of the Creation

The Creation is in a constant state of flow and so is one, till one reaches the perfect state of equilibrium or stillness. The air we breathe that we need for life is in a constant state of flow. Water that forms the oceans, the rivers and forms the essense of life as it flows in our blood through the veins is in a constant state of flow. The flow of the Ganges from its source in the crown of Shiva to the earth in a constant state of flow symbolises the same. The energies and the light which is needed for life or form to sustain is in a state of flow as waves or particles. As the current flows, we are able to power all our electronic and electrical devices.

Understanding, inquiring and seeking the flow of the creation, realising the nature of reality and illusions, emptying oneself to sync with and let the energies of creation flow is the essense of life. Through its flow of wisdom and blessings, the Universe nourishes all that is manifest as one passes through the the cosmic flows and experiences of life.

Often in form one is bewildered and forgets oneself and ones source, thus going out of sync or against the flow of creation. One tries to force or obstruct the flows in life. Just like swimming in the waves against the current or trying to obstruct it, one gets washed away in the flow. Obstructing the flow of current gives us a shock. Obstructing the flow of love gives us suffering, obstructing the flow of life gives us pain. One cannot hold it, possess it, control it or keep it with oneself, one is not meant to. These are but indications of being out of sync with the flow of the Creation and its energies. The purpose of human life is to realise and tune in to these flows as it takes one to the states of equilibrium, stillness and bliss. Just as the Ganges that originated from Shiva, flows through nourishing the life along its path before it reaches into the ocean, one who realises and tunes in to the flows of the Creation ends up in the ocean of the cosmic ocean of divinity and peace.