Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind and Heart : Intelligence behind Intelligence 

Video Transcript –

To unravel the mystery of intelligence behind intelligence, we first need to understand where the intelligence resides. Now, most of us would say that it resides in our brain. But the reality is that only a part of intelligence, that we have defined as intelligence, resides in the brain. Intelligence lies everywhere, in each of the trillions of cells that make up our body. Each cell, working in perfect synergy and discipline, make up our organs, including our mind, our heart, our stomach, and pretty much everything else in our body. Each cell working selflessly, to sustain its ecosystem, that is, our body. Imagine if these cells were not intelligent, and one had to instruct or control them, in performing the essential functions of our body – the cells of the stomach being told how to digest, cells of the heart being told its supposed to pump blood, or our white blood cells being told that they need to fight bacteria that has entered the body. If this intelligence within us is disturbed, out of balance or if it malfunctions, then it leads to problems that manifest in our physical body. Thus, it is for certain, that there is intelligence within us, that makes us complete, makes us what we are.

While science attributes this aspect of life to evolution, it disregards the fact that, there is an intelligence working within each living being, that makes evolution possible. The mystics did better in this regard, by acknowledging the presence of this intelligence. While science tried to dissect, decode and modify the building blocks that form us, in labs, the mystics believed that our mind, heart and body, is itself, like a lab, where intelligence thrives, and by understanding what lies within better, one can unravel a lot about its working.

While science has come a far way, considering the interventions that are possible in the field of medicine, and other spheres of the human physiology; it has not given due importance to understanding the self, and the intelligence that lies within. The fact is that the brain, which is associated with intelligence, was infact an organ that was intended to allow us certain degree of control over our motor functions, and retain sensory information as memory, so that we could perform the necessary actions, that would help sustain our body. But the brain, being made up of intelligent cells, developed over time, into an unit of superior intelligence, that makes us what we are today.

However, if we ask ourselves few questions like – can the intelligence in the brain allow us to have control, or instruct the various cells in our body? ; can it allow us to work in perfect synergy and discipline with our ecosystem where we thrive, like the cells of our body? ; can it sustain our memories or our learnings across generations, like the information that is sustained in our DNA? . The answer is but obvious.

So, while we unravel these mysteries further, we all need to ask the meaning making machine seated in our head – what further meaning can You make out of your existence that is more useful, more selfless, more disciplined, and more sustainable, like the intelligence that lies within us.