Your second shadow called – your “image”



We all carry an image in the society. How our family, friends and the larger society perceives us, depends on our social image. You may or may not be conscious of it, but you may be seen in the society as – selfish or caring, rude or polite, cold or loving, nice or nasty, greedy or generous, constructive or obstructive, mature or immature, negative or positive and so on. The social image is formed over time by the way we behave, the way we speak and our actions.

Forming a good or positive social image may take years of social interactions. On the other hand, a negative social image may get formed very quickly and tends to stick to you. Once the society forms the perception, it feels this is the way he/she is and that is how he/she is going to be. Then it wouldn’t matter whether actually you are like that or not. This is why celebrities hire image consultants at they have to be doubly careful of what they say and what they do.

Most of us may not need an image consultant but it is indispensable that we take care of our social image. Sometimes situations, ambitions, desires and shorter approaches to fame or fortune get the better of us and we end up ignoring things that we shouldn’t. Many of us are past the age where the society will ignore our idiosyncrasies as childishness or youthful follies. Especially when one has made some decisions consciously, it is even more imperative to take care of this second shadow of ours – our “image”. After all, most of us have to live in the society for the rest of our lives with our friends and family, at peace with what we are and what we have done.

Think how often you are taking care of your “image”. Imbibe it in your decision making and you may end up leading a happier and more fulfilling life. Have a nice day!