Sports: Engage and involve



Sports are an age-old form of entertainment. Sports have the ability to grab the attention of its participants or viewers and keep them engaged. If you put children in a room and give them a pencil, a book and a ball each, no guesses needed in telling what they will be doing after some time. They will be playing with the ball. As children grow up, sports still continue to be fun.  Even as adults some of us follow and actively participate in sports. Sporting events continue to be the largest crowd pullers be it Olympics, World cups, Leagues, Tournaments, Championships or Marathons.

There are various reasons for our affinity to sports. First is that, sports provides us a much needed break from routine. Sports act as a stress reliever both for the participant and the viewer. Many engage in sports to keep themselves healthy and fit. Others view sports for entertainment. Also, in the history of human evolution, sports came much earlier than the rest of the activities and occupations we do today. Earlier civilizations engaged in some form of activity or the other as pastimes. With time, rules came in, standardization happened and the modern day sports evolved. Since sports evolved with us, we have a natural affinity to sports, unlike for some other activities.

Today we live in times where there is a complete change in our lifestyle. Majority of our time and energy is spent in modern day activities. This makes it more important for us to actively engage in sports for being in touch with our natural selves.

So how often are you viewing and participating in sports? Do not stop being yourself. Get your family, children and friends to watch and play, and lead a healthy, happy and stress-free life. Have a nice day!