The art of inspiration



In the annals of history, we find a few legendary names who continue to inspire generations. Known for standing up against the mighty odds put up by the prevailing dynasties, challenging the status quo and bringing in a new school of thought, a mighty figure rises up.

Bringing in a contrary stand, with ambitions to establish self-rule and freedom from a troublesome local empire, the bold and mysterious figure comes to be revered and respected. Drawing flak from ordinary mortals for taking needless risk or challenges and not adopting easier approaches, he remains unperturbed.

Feared by some and followed by the rest; the lion-like personality leads the land in a new direction selflessly with ideas, political strategies and approaches unheard of. With his resolve, he inspires courage and brings power to his people for standing up against what they feel is against their interests.

Doing a reality check and a course correction, in case means adopted are found to be unrighteous, he marches ahead on the noble path. Such men no longer remain individuals but become an institution in them-self, inspiring the ages to come.

How many such individuals have you learnt of? Learn about them and be inspired. Have a nice day !