An ideal within and with us



Many of us celebrate auspicious occasions, days and festivals. We seek blessings from beings who are ideal as per our beliefs and cultures. While it is nice to be blessed and have our wishes fulfilled through faith, we often miss to develop ourselves or those around us to strive and attain some of these ideal qualities, behaviors or state of mind that we idolize. Many great beings have walked the face of the earth who showed the way not through their words, preaching or prayers but through their own lives and deeds !

It is said that every being has the potential to achieve the ideal. It may be an ideal for the society or an ideal that you can define for yourself. A person that you feel you can or should be.

Do look at yourselves yourself with this new perspective. Care to share this nice perspective with the one who is willing to mend ways for you. You may just end up blessing yourself for the way things turn out. Have a nice day !