Bestest, the journey continues #4

Sid is at his school, and Vic and other friends are asking him about his improved performance in the subjects he was struggling with. Sid mentions that he is now more comfortable with these subjects and hence is faring better. His friends who were together with him in the struggle with science and math now look up to him as a role model and seek his advice. While Sid has been helping them, he has been discreet about the book and its secrets.

Sid has now also learnt to be humble about his progress and not cease his practice and preparation. He has a set time of the day for studies, he takes interest in the subjects he once neglected and he does not waste his time being distracted in classes and at tuitions but rather makes most of this time in picking up what is being discussed. His class quiz scores show improvement, and there is a pep in his step. He can look eye to eye and engage with the ‘Best Test’ group. Sid is satisfied with his progress and doesn’t see an immediate need for going back to the wise man’s book.

With time, grows Sid’s popularity and he now finds himself among the decent students of the class. But little does he realise that with this success, the expectation from him has also grown. He is now competing with better peers, his parents have hopes and he also finds himself under pressure to maintain his results. It is then that Sid wonders to himself that had he been brighter and smarter like Vic and his ‘Best Test’ group, he would have seen more success. Sid’s progress hasn’t gone down well with some of the better faring students who now see him as a competitor.

Jac is one such peer who finds Sid breathing down his neck. He is not very pleased about it, and has ramped up his own preparation and tutions to ensure Sid doesn’t surpass him. He has been curt to Sid in the class and also talking behind his back. Many a times he has interfered when Sid was about to speak and not missed a chance to show his superiority against Sid. Sid finds all this weird as this was new to him. Being at the bottom in the class had not exposed him to such behaviour and reactions. But gradually such incidences had started to get onto him and irritate him during and after class.

He found himself embroiled in this cat and mouse game and it took a toll on his well being. At times, he felt sidelined by his own peers and at other times he felt himself regress to where he belonged. Days went by and the exams were round the corner. The situation and expectations had found him wanting for more. He also got to know that Jac was taking some special pill to sharpen his mind and that one pill cost more than Sid could imagine. No one knew what side effects the pill had or if it was medically safe, but Jac didn’t mind as he was determined to be better than Sid.

Sid couldn’t take it any longer. The pressure and the stress was getting on to him. And Sid felt like he was out of the game without this pill that Jac had found. Sid felt lost when he decided to take solace in what had earlier got him out from his sticky spot. Sid reaches for his cupboard and takes the wise man’s book out. He looks at it with gratitude, touches it to his heart and turns to the next page. He reads in anticipation –

‘A page from the life of the WISEST of the WISE, it lies within reach and yet eludes all but the BEST of the guys.

Just a DAY WITH it is worth WEEKS when NOT. An HOUR when you POSSESS IT is equivalent to DAYS and NIGHTS WITHOUT.

Faced with a task UPHILL, thou shall need no magic PILL. He who learns to WIELD it at his WILL, shall MASTER the RAREST OF SKILL.

You shall not seek any hocus pocus, when you have VICTORY over the MIND and CONQUERED the art of SUSTAINING FOCUS.’

Sid reads the line again and again, wondering if it was meant for him to find and read. What was the wise man trying to hint at. What was this achievable yet elusive technique that he had to learn. He pondered about it all day. Glad I can still make it without the pill, he thought. But Victory over Mind and Conquering art of Focus was something Sid had never heard of, nor been taught.

Will Sid be able to crack the wise man’s riddle. What was in store for Sid next. Visit again to find out.

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