Unraveling the mysteries of the Mind & Heart

We are pleased to bring to you this series on – Unraveling the mysteries of the Mind & Heart

Video Transcript:

The reality we live in today is nothing but a manifestation of our mind & heart. The centuries of human development arises from the contribution of our thoughts, aspirations and resulting actions that have shaped the society we live in today. The desires and ambitions of generations put together has made up the world that we experience. If we look at all that we have established as a society, it is an extension of the cumulative thoughts and feelings, that emanated from our mind & heart. As complex as this world appears on the outside, while we would like to convince ourselves that we are on top of what lies inside, the reality is that the inner world is even more mysterious. While we may have come a long way to understand ourselves, there is a lot more that needs to be understood.

In this series we are setting out on a journey of unraveling some of the deepest mysteries that lie within us, but still elude us, as we try to understand our mind and our conscience. In understanding this inner world lie the answers to our success, our failures, our achievements and also realization of our full potential as a society.

So let us embark on this journey within that has continue to perplex scientists, mystics and the medical profession alike since time immemorial …