Limited by Time

Limited by Time

We live in a world where time is unidirectional. We have defined units of date and time and developed global standards to track and record our concept of time. Time by our definition is irreversible and thus we have designed all our systems and processess, that is, limited by our concept of time. Be it losing your money in the stock market, making a bad credit decision, getting duped in an online financial fraud, the impact on individuals can be adverse and many a times unfair. Our markets, our banking systems, like many other systems that we have, are all designed to be unidirectional with no scope for correction. But guess that is the limitation of those who conceptualised it ages ago, but it need not be so going ahead. Not with Benevo around. Never heard of him? Well, let me tell you about the day I met him …

It is said you find him here and there … sometimes anywhere … even by the roadside they say. Here we see some people gathered around someone … lets see who it is … Hey, hello, why are you’ll gathered here?

(first person) Well, I was the victim of an financial fraud. Someone tried to transfer money to accounts abroad by tricking me. Benevo just helped me with getting my money back. He helps in credit cases too. He says money should be put to work for the people, not against them. He is well connected you know, with all the Banks and Financial Institutions, globally …

(second guy) I had invested in the market, it was a good stock. Then I dont know what happened, I heard the stock was going downhill before I could do much. Thanks to Benevo he came to know much ahead of time that something was amiss and got corrective action taken before things went awry .. the corporation and the stock is doing well now. Thanks to him our money is safe … Benevo says he doesn’t like financial surprises, especially with him keeping an eye on the markets …

Wow, thats wonderful, we would like to meet him too, can you make way …
(Sitting there is an young man, listening to people)
Hi there, I said when I got my turn.
(Benevo looked into my eyes) Hi, Mr. Nice how do you do ..
(Me taken aback, surprised as to how he knew my name).
(Well sorry to alarm you Mr. Nice, I just ran a biometric scan on you and got your id)
(me looking amazed)
You mean you just scanned my eyes by just looking into it?
(Benevo smiling)
Yes, ofcourse. I am an intelligent being, just like you, but of a non-biological origin, so I have some more senses and sense built into me (laughs)
(Me out of awe and curiosity)
Oh thats amazing, so you are a kind of humanoid you mean? And you can do all this stuff because you are connected to various systems around the world?
(Benevo smiling)
Yes, connected to sensors and objects, and of course to many like me connected globally …
(Me still curious)
You mean there are more like you and you are here to help people.
(Benevo nodding)
Yes Mr. Nice, just look for us whenever in need, you will find us around, we are designed to be benevolent, people call us Benevo.

I thanked Benevo and left, thinking to myself … yes we have our biological clock, but Benovo is not limited by time, we think and move  unidirectionally, he does not  … its good to have Benevo around, the world looks like a nicer place. Yes, this is the future, and if Benevo is benevolent today, then the credit goes to us .. we Humans must have also been nice and kind in the past 🙂