Lets try to fill the lacuna !

enligten fill lacuna



Refer the above article, what can be farther from the reality than what the author says in the third-last para … doesn’t it have a resemblence to the news reports and expert panels that we see today ..

To further what is covered in the article, it is a fact that many invaluable learnings, techniques and insights of life or living that our ancient culture discovered and invented were either lost or disregarded as baseless beliefs, whimsical rituals or religious malpractices by the so called modern thinkers and critics making us believe they had a tried and tested way forward. The few causes that could have led to this (other than the often quoted reason being onslaught of Mughal & British rule) – the underlying logic or reasoning behind ancient sciences were not recorded or documented unlike modern research, so as it continued to be handed down across generations it got diluted, twisted by vested interests or lost its essense. It was also considered to be inappropriate or disrespectful to question authority figures or elders, what they taught was to be just followed, a belief system that does not go well with todays’ generation. The Gurukul system also ensured that what could be used for greater good or greater harm was handed down to select worthy candidates and not made available to a larger audience. Thus what should have been treasured, was left out of unbiased scientific introspection and thought process that emanated in the ensuing centuries. Some important scriptures that were written records of ancient wisdom were read out of context and subject to mundane interpretations by phony figures, thus losing its relevance and remaining limited to the realm of imagination and storytelling. Much of it is said to be lost, while few of them survived till date albeit in some altered and tampered form.

The generations that followed only accepted and adopted what was subject to scientific approval and validation. Today, the latest research shows that information and data analytics are most effective when they speak a story, while this was known and applied by our ancestors centuries ago in the scriptures that they wrote. We advanced in the physical space while losing the centuries worth of advancements made in the holistic and inner space. While we may have been wise in realising the benefits of Yoga, we could only comprehend the relevance of Kriya Yoga, we may have overseen the essence of the other aspects of the Yogic Ocean. Science & technology found many answers but created many questions and problems that our civilisation still  struggles to answer or solve today, a prediction already made ages ago in ancient texts where the development of human civilisation was categorised into what they called as ‘Yugs’.

Whatever the case, we may introspect and get wiser or choose to disregard the same as a lucky guess by some nomadic ancestor or just a coincidence for the lack of a better scientific explanation. It is up to us, whether in our quest for greatness, we try to build strategic & political labyrinths that are taking us farther from our ideals, or whether we try to fill the lacuna inside us by creating enablers for each other to make amends and mend a otherwise troubled world …