Bestest, the journey continues #8

Sid has got his book back. The book is in his hand and he is dancing with joy. Full of excitement, he goes to his desk to read the book further. He places down the wise old man’s book carefully, and hurriedly opens the book to the section he had last read, and flips to the page he had last read. He finds it and flips to the next page to read the next lesson of the wise old man. The next page is blank. He flips to the next page. Its blank as well. The page after that is blank as well. He flips more pages … blank. With his hands trembling, he flips through the rest of the book … blank. Shell shocked he finds himself shouting …. Noooooooooo. Sid wakes up with a startle …. he is in his room, on his bed. He looks around panicked. There is no book. It was a dream. He heaves a sigh of relief.

In the same breath, Sid jumps on to his computer. He goes to the chat and writes – Hi, Thanks so much for the reply. Keen to learn more from you. I would like to know more about how you were able to achieve success in the recent years. I would like to do the same myself whatever you did. Please share with me.

He waits for the reply. In some time he gets a beep – Hello Sid, You are welcome. It would be my pleasure to guide you. I feel it is my duty to help others in need so that they can overcome their academic challenges and reach their milestones. I was lucky to have been extended help in the nick of time when everything was going downhill for me. And I got through that stage with flying colors. Please let me know what specific challenge you are facing in your preparation and I shall guide you.

Sid types – Lucky in the nick of time? What happened … where were you … how did your life turn around …. please let me know ….

Reply – Well mine is a long story … I can help you based on your concern … let me know the problem you are facing in studies …

Sid types – No problem … I have time .. I want to hear your story .. am sure its very interesting and I can learn something valuable from your story …

Reply – Well Sid, most ask me their concerns … you are the first one to ask me about myself … as I told you I had my struggles … I come from a very humble background … I grew up in a small neighbourhood at the outskirts of the city. With 3 siblings in a small room, my parents could barely manage to make ends meet, let alone give us proper education. Both my parents were not educated. They did odd jobs to earn a living and we assisted them and did errands ourselves in the city and at home to contribute. I had a lot of interest in studies but my situation barely gave me any time or support to pursue and excel. I couldn’t focus, missed classes when I found work that got me some pay. Couldn’t study or complete my homework most of the time and it showed in my progress at school. My teachers out of concern would pull me up for my irregularity but I was helpless given the situation at home. That is how I grew up. My interest in studies didn’t let me drop out of school though the thought crossed my mind many times. I wanted to get a better education as I had seen what my parents had gone through due to the lack of it. I could have been a excellent students as my teachers said they saw the brilliance and the spark in me many times, but my background didn’t let me to be consistent. I managed to scrape through and complete my schooling and then my graduation. I got a reasonable job but it was in the recent years that I got a lucky break and things changed for me. I managed to cover a lot of lost ground in my studies and later got through one of the top universities with a scholarship. Now I have a dream job and also help others to realise their dreams, as I feel there would be many like me who deserve to succeed.

Sid was humbled as he read through the reply. Tears welled up in his eyes at the thought of how the wise man’s book had landed up with him and helped him when he needed it the most, and then found its way to a more deserving candidate. He had no words to reply but out of courtesy, brimming with emotion he types –

I am humbled to hear your story my friend. You deserve the book and all the success that it brings.

By the time Sid realises what he has typed, the message was already sent. There is a long silence on the chat.

The silence is broken by the next beep.
The book? How did you come to know of it and that it brought me success …. I never told anyone about it …. wait …. you … were you the one who left the book in the bus …. I …. I tried looking for you a few times on the route carrying the book with me when I travelled … hoping that I could return it … I asked around hoping someone would say yes I had left back the book …

Sid replies – Yes it was my book and my friend left it in the bus. But no worries, glad to know that you tried looking for me. Guess the book had found its rightful owner. Btw I am so sorry, didn’t ask your real name. Am sure its not WiseGuru as it says in the chat and on your profiles on the net. Smiley.

WiseGuru replies – Lol. Am Tej. Thanks for your kindness. I know what the book means to you. Still you say I am the rightful owner. The book is yours though, I would like to return it to you.

Sid replies – Well Tej, I realised how priviledged I am when I heard you. I was a lackadaisical student. I used the book for myself, but you went beyond and decided to go online and help many others who deserved it, using what you learnt from the book. Were you selfish, then you wouldn’t have gone online and I would have never found you.

WiseGuru replies – Thanks so much, I can’t express what the book did for me. But now that we have connected, we should meet and I would like to return it to you.

Sid replies – Sure Tej, we should connect. If you insist, I will take back the book. But hope that you don’t stop the good work of sharing your learnings to those in need. I would also like to hear what happened after you found the book and how it changed things for you … am sure it will help me with my academic career as well ..

WiseGuru replies – Done then. Lets meet. Sharing my coordinates with you ….

Sid and Tej meet. Tej starts sharing his story of what happened when he found the book …